At the April 2000 AGM the PCC endorsed “The Eleven Decisions” as our foundations planning document for the church. As a church we have decided:

Why we do what we do

  • In all that we do, we shall remember that our aim is to please and honour God and to receive his approval of our work on the last day.

What we will do

  • We shall try to bring people to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour and to join our church family, not distracted from this activity which we alone and no other organisation can accomplish.
  • We shall try to make the Christians in our church people who have a firm grasp of the Christian message and are making steady progress in living it out.
  • We shall encourage each member of the church to find and use the gifts that God has given them.
  • We shall make spending on gospel workers a top priority and encourage suitably gifted people within the congregation to consider ‘full time’ Christian work.
  • We shall do what we can lovingly to help people, especially within the congregation but also outside it, who are in physical, emotional, social or material need.

How we do what we do

  • We shall rely on prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit in all that we do.
  • Believing that the Bible is what God says to the church today we will make every effort to understand its message and teach it to one another.
  • We shall make plans prayerfully and be sensitive to the Lord’s leading looking for a common mind on the way forward and events conspiring to make it possible.

For whom we do what we do

  • We shall consider not only the villages of Fordham and Eight Ash Green but also the tens of thousands of people in our area who have no meaningful contact with a biblically based gospel ministry to be our mission field, and will use the network of contacts, acquaintances, friends and colleagues, in order to spread the word of the gospel.
  • We shall have specific ministries to the people of different age groups whom God is drawing to our congregation.