Parish statement regarding an article in The Sun newspaper on Monday 22 February 2021


On 22 February, the Sun newspaper published an article about a family who are seeking to have an inscription added to a headstone in the All Saints’ Eight Ash Green church yard.

We are extremely sorry for the family’s loss and fully understand their wish to add this inscription. Alongside the Archdeacon of Colchester, we have been working closely with the family and have offered them support to make an application to do this work. Whilst rules governing churchyards can help to preserve them as places of calm and beauty, those rules have evolved over many centuries and are a complex combination of Common Law, Church of England Canon Law, Acts of Parliament and rules set by the Diocesan Chancellor. Unfortunately, this means that the process for making changes to headstones can be complex and we understand that this can be frustrating. The decision as to whether this particular inscription can be added to a headstone rests with the Diocesan Chancellor and not with our Rector or PCC. However, by continuing to support the family, we hope to help them reach a satisfactory conclusion very soon.


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