What will coming to a service at All Saint’s Fordham & Eight Ash Green be like?

Please be assured that we are taking your welfare seriously and have thought very carefully about how we can meet together safely at this time.

Main points:

·         Do not attend if you have any Corona Virus symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms or have been advised to isolate.

·         Wear a mask unless you have a specific exemption

·         Remain 2m from other worshippers

·         Do not socialise with people outside your household/bubble

·         We are unable to sing as part of our worship

·         All the doors will be open during the service so it may get cold


More details:

· The Government has said that unless you are in a group of people who have a specific exemption, face coverings must be worn at a place worship. Please ensure your face covering covers your nose and mouth and it put on before you enter the building.

· As some people are exempt from wearing a face covering we will continue to operate a 2m social distancing rule.

· The Stewards are there to offer you any assistance you might need and for your safety. Please stay 2m away from them, follow their directions and give them a smile even if they are stating the blindingly obvious.

· Please do not attend if you have a high temperature; a new persistent cough; changes in your sense of smell or taste; if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or displaying the symptoms; or you have been advised to isolate by a Track and Trace operator.

· Capacity is limited so it is advisable to book the seats that you require for your household/ bubble in advance. This should be done by 2pm on the Thursday prior to the service by telephoning Rachel Gage on 01206 243261. Please do not book seats unless you intend to use them. If, for some reason you are not able to attend please let Rachel know as soon as possible. You may still come to the church before the service is due to start if you have not booked a seat but we may not be able to accommodate you. When booking you will be asked to give your name, contact number and the number of people who will be attending with you. You will only be able to be seated with members of your household/bubble.

· At this time we are unable to offer our usual Sunday morning creche and All Saints Club for children and teenagers. Children are very welcome to attend the service but must stay with their parents at all times. From 20th September we will begin All Saints Club Online with afternoon sessions on Zoom for 4-11 year olds (3.00pm) and 11-15 year olds (4.00pm). A consent form is required from each child’s parent. Please contact the church office for further details. office@fordhamchurch.og.uk or call 01206 243261.

· This will not be a Holy Communion service.

· When you arrive you should wait outside the porch. Please do not enter until invited by a steward. If there is a queue, you should queue on the path towards Fordham Hall. Please remain 2m away from other households whilst you are queueing.

· It is good practise for us to keep a register of those attending the service in order that we can contact people should a person attending the service subsequently test positive for Covid-19. If you have pre-booked your seat the Entrance Steward ask for your name only as you will have provided contact details when you booked your seats. If you have not booked, the Entrance Steward will ask for your name and a contact number. We will only keep these details for 3 weeks then they will be destroyed. If you do not wish to give these details you do not have to.

· The Entrance Steward will ask you to put on your face covering and sanitise your hands before you enter the building. Hand sanitiser will be available or you may use your own sanitiser. We are unable to offer the facilities to wash your hands with soap and water before you enter the building.

· Once you are invited to enter the church you will be shown to you your seats. Please do not stop to talk with other people on the way to your seat.

· Once you have been seated, please feel free to talk with those seated near to you if you wish however we ask that you remain in your seat and not move around the building to socialise.

· We are not able to offer you a Bible or a Hymnbook. A service sheet will be on your seat and we ask that you take it away with you at the end of the service.

· The main door and the fire exits will remain open during the service so you might need an extra layer of clothing.

· The toilet will be open. Please note that it will not be cleaned after each person has used it. If there is a queue for the toilet you should wait in the main body of the church and not in the kitchen area.

· We will not be able to serve refreshments so please bring a bottle of water with you.

· Unfortunately, we have been advised not to allow congregational singing as there is some evidence that this may spread the virus over a larger distance. More research is being undertaken but we will have to wait a little longer to lift our voices in worship.

· The Service Leader will give any necessary directions during the service so please take note of his instruction.

· Once the service has ended you will be asked to leave the building straight away using the main entrance and fire exit. Please follow the directions of the Stewards. Hand sanitiser will be available for your use as you leave.

· Please do not congregate directly outside the church doors to talk to others as it will prevent people from safely leaving the building.

· The Government guidance is that when attending a public gathering you should only socialise with those that you have come with. We know that this will be one of the hardest guidelines to follow as we have not seen each other for so long and we will want to say hello to as many people as possible. However, please remember that across the world churches have seen clusters of cases and we want to do all that we can to show love to our church family and keep each other safe.

· We are only holding one service in the church on these Sundays. After every service the building will be closed for 72 hours and then regular cleaning will take place.

If you have any concerns or questions about how things will work at our services then please contact Rachel Gage at rachel.gage@fordhamchurch.og.uk or call 01206 243261.

11th September 2020