Important announcement by the PCC.

16th June 2019

The PCC is aware of the media interest concerning John Parker and the inadequacy of policies on the transgender issue in a local Church of England school – policies intended to uphold, protect and promote the rights and wellbeing of every parent, child and staff member which resulted in his and a foundation governor’s resignations as governors of the school in question.

We are aware that John did all that he could to resolve this situation, with care, at the school. His recent actions came after considerable reflection. It is our hope that the stand he has taken will help the Department of Education and the Church of England education authorities to recognise that there is an urgent need for clarity of guidance appropriate to a Church of England primary school – guidance for staff and governors which will uphold the rights of each and every parent, child, and member of staff and, most importantly, which will protect the children in the school’s care.

John acted with the benefit of legal advice, so as not to compromise the anonymity of the child in question. He came forward because he was genuinely concerned that the Church of England school in our diocese, at which he served as governor, was both failing in its safeguarding duties and its statutory obligations to parents at the school under the Human Rights Act 1998.

John Parker joined us as Rector in 2012 and has faithfully devoted himself to leading our parish, with the support of the PCC.  He continues to have the support of the PCC in his upholding of faithful Bible teaching and his stand on this issue. Please commit in prayer all those caught up in this – children, families, staff and governors.