Fordham Church

Christianity Explored

Part of our mission is to make Jesus known. We periodically run a course for people interested in knowing more about the Christian faith. more information is available from

Christianity Explored, the Ultimate Discovery

Introduction Video

Who is "Christianity Explored" for?

It is for everyone! It particularly caters for:

What happens at "Christianity Explored"?

During the course we will study the Gospel of Mark. You will not be asked to pray or read aloud. All you need is an enquiring mind!

The talks look at such topics as:

We meet in small groups in order to give everyone a chance to look at any issues or ask any questions they may have. They are also an opportunity to get to know each other and learn together.

How do I book?

We run a Christianity Explored Course every term. Simply contact the church office on 01206 243262, or e-mail us to put your name down for the next course.